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Alan Jones’ slur reminiscent of Romney gaff

October 1, 2012

Alan Jones’ comments about Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s father have met with the flack they deserve from the public, politicians and media. Some letters in The Australian indicate the response to the shock jock’s rambling ‘apology’ found here on Ninemsn. When Jones told his press conference report that he didn’t know journalists were present at the liberal party dinner (at which he was speaking), there was a ground-hog-day moment from the recent Mitt Romney fundraiser in which he made his famous ‘47%’ speech, discussed here at Gawker where he was unaware that he was being taped.

My point is this: in both these instances the speakers were speaking at a public forum. They are both public figures. They don’t go ‘off the record’ – especially not in front of hundreds of people. Jones is paid for his words – that’s his job. He seeks to shock – that’s his job. He says he was unscripted for 58 minutes and could have said anything – what sort of excuse is this?

Likewise, Romney’s ‘apology’ ranted on, rather than just apologising. Crisis 101 gentlemen – ‘Say it quick, say it short and say it earnestly’. And remember you are always on the public record.

In Jones’ case (this would have sufficed):

I’m sorry, it was entirely unacceptable and insensitive. I will donate the funds I received on the night (and some) to the PM’s favourite charity. ENDS.

Meantime, Jones on the Liberal’s team is the best thing the Labor party could ask for.

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  1. Short n sweet. Couldn’t of said it better.

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